Compulsory Pool

Embark on a thrilling odyssey into the heart of a mayhem with our ensnaring crime module. Seize control of a high-stakes investigation amidst an uncharted crime scene, enveloped in the unsettling hush of vicissitude. As tautness mounts, unravel a sinuous quandary, embodying the role of a mastermind decoding a mind-boggling puzzle. In a race against time with zero leads, each decision becomes pivotal in enmeshing the prevaricating criminal. Beware of an oxymoronic nemesis reveling in psychological games, distorting the boundaries between predator and prey. With the clock ticking and stakes at an all-time high, can you wield the power to outwit the perpetrator, evade becoming a mere pawn in their perilous game, and be the savior who turns the tide?


Science, the linchpin of progress, unfolds in myriad ways; laying the foundation for modern advancements along with offering an unfeigned depiction of the cosmos. Venture along in a spell-binding exploration of the hidden wonders of science, seamlessly woven into the fabric of nature. From the entrancing dance of chemicals to the sublime journey beyond the terminus of Earth, this module immerses you in the black hole of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and the extraterrestrial frontiers of Astrophysics. Can you unravel the intricacies of the profound notions that establish the bedrock of scientific exploration and divulge the secrets that lie in the celestial expanse?

Let all masterminds unite for an inspiriting sojourn with our Entrepreneurship module, where astute brainiacs meet the riveting atmosphere of business. At the epicenter lies the “Trade Tactician”, an exhilarating competition of stock market which will put your accounting and commercial acuity to the test. Envision yourself navigating through the fusing curves and meanders of concurrent trading, spontaneous decisions, and opportunities to garner wealth. This module extends beyond mere postulation; it’s a hands-on encounter that plunges you into the tide of negotiations and trade. Unleash your knack for trading, adjust to fluctuations of market, and exhibit your wit and business savvy while going head-to-head with your rivals. Are you ready to dodge losses and make a headway as the supreme trade tactician?


Step into the Warrior’s Realm, a digital battleground where your prowess is to be tested and your gaming spirit will be ignited. You will be given an opportunity to demonstrate you rivalrous rage and strategic brilliance, along with swift reflexes. Crack your knuckles to engage in a nerve-wrecking clash, where every single choice of yours and every torpid action carries the potential to flip your fate for the best or the worst. Whether you prefer cunning maneuvers or tactical warfare, this module offers a stage to showcase your individual talents amongst other gaming masters. It is not just a battlefield; it is a test of your determination and companionship, and a trail where your skills will play the role of weapons for victory. Do you have what it takes to be a true gaming enthusiast?

Get ready to be a part of our Brain Games module, where your rationality and pragmatic powers will be rigorously examined within a series of precisely crafted obstacles designed to invigorate your perceptual capacities. Decipher inscrutable riddles, conquer baffling conundrums, and steer through the convoluted analytical problems designed to flip your brain mechanics upside down. Witness your intellectual horizons expand with each challenge, as you unlock the true potential of your mind that breaks all incarcerations. This judicious pursuit awaits your sagacious dominance. Are you ready to respond to the summons and arise as a victor of phrenic nimbleness?


Hop on this cutting-edge module, a crucible for testing your prowess in Robotics and Automation. Here, you’ll not only construct robots but also breathe life into them through your acumen in Programming, transforming your concepts into technological paragons. Take on the real-world challenges of cybersecurity, defending against cyber threats in this dynamic and immersive voyage. The combat zone unwraps, stipulating a clash of technological panache –are you ready to uncoil the extraordinaire of Computer Science in a gripping yet convoluted manner? Can you code your way through the venture and surge forward?

Observe your vicinities, and discern a world encapsulated by equations, for this module serves as an impetus galvanizing you to acquire dexterity over the underlying elements of Mathematics. Take a deep dive into a rigorous scrutiny, dissecting a spectrum of rudimentary topics that girdles Pythagoras’ Theorem, vectors, and complex numbers. Amidst this terrain, your quest mandates a thorough understanding of advanced-level Mathematics, acquainting you with vital concepts and approaches to extend their principals to the related fields such as Physics and Engineering.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each delegation should have 4-6 members

The days are 16th, 17th & 18th February. The timings will be provided in the itineraries that will be sent two days prior to the event.

Each delegate has to participate in the compulsory module, and at least two modules from the remaining pools.

Semi-formal and casual attire is allowed.

Study guides will be uploaded 2 – 3 days before the event.

Participating in this olympiad can significantly boost your university applications by enhancing your overall portfolio and showcasing your achievements. It increases the likelihood of gaining admission to your desired university, while also providing an opportunity to acquire valuable new skills.

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