College Admins

Ms. Nisha Ghumro

“Sceptre College is proud to be hosting its third Science Olympiad. Sceptre Sonic III. We as an institute are dedicated to encourage creative problem-solving, an essential human quality that machines and artificial intelligence are yet to replicate. STEM literacy is vital for the youth of our nation and we are here to provide an innocative experience that is challenging yet enjoyable, catering to students of all academic backgrounds. Sceptre Sonic III is led and organized entirely by the students of The Science and Technology Society at Sceptre and they have put together an extremely interactive and cutting-edge tournament offering some very interesting modules. We look forward to welcoming all schools and colleges, along with their participating teams to Sceptre College for an occasion that will open up their minds to fresh possibilities and perspectives.”

CEO, Sceptre College

“At Sceptre, we promote STEM education to enhance critical thinking and language skills, along with our problem-solving and analytical capabilities in our warriors. Our focus on integrating Science, Technology, Business, and Mathematics within our formal curriculum, as well as through co-curricular activities and societies like Sceptre Sonic, ensures a cohesive, interdisciplinary and applied-learning approach with real-world applications.

Principal, Sceptre College

Ms. Yasmin Khan

Ms. Neyyar Shirazi

“Sceptre College is proudly hosting its third Sceptre Sonic Science Olympiad. Such interactive events have modules ranging from pure Sciences and Robotics to Math and many more. Students having varying interests can participate in these events. Sceptre College always encourages its students to explore their personal interest and work to their full potential. The college has therefore provided this platform to showcase not only its own students but invite students from other institutes to share their own handiwork. We welcome you to our Science Olympiad, Sceptre Sonic, and wish you all the very best.”

Vice Principal, Sceptre College

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