The Sceptre Academy of Science and Technology (SAST), one of Sceptre College’s eight societies, is devoted to providing a platform for our warriors who want to challenge themselves intellectually and broaden their minds. The Sceptre Academy of Science and Technology has something for everyone whether you’re interested in biochemistry, astrophysics, computer science, math, or more. SAST hopes that Sceptre Sonic will help us achieve our goal of giving students a place to brilliantly express themselves.

We are excited to have the opportunity to meet you

Sceptre Sonic Team


Sceptre College has dedicated itself to redefining the A-Level experience for its students. At Sceptre, we believe that all individuals are leaders in their respective lives. Our ethos is premised on responsibility, empathy, and the hunger to succeed. Sceptre opens its learners to the opportunity to put their best foot forward in an increasingly competitive and globalised world. With technological advancement being at its peak in today’s era, educational institutes must transform in order to adapt to the fast-paced changes occurring in the environments they are embedded in. Sceptre envisions its alumni as the flag bearers of the socio-cultural, economic, political, technological, and environmental change that Pakistan needs.

Sceptre College, at all times, has set its sight on helping every student progress and pave its way forth into the abyss of this world. Compelling every student to step up in the world, regardless of being an academic-genie or an extreme athlete, and shine the brightest aiming to illuminate the world with their charisma and intelligence, aiming to be so consistent that no obstacle seems unbeatable.


This Olympiad was initially created to challenge great minds by putting them under a real test, both practically and theoretically. This year’s Sonic is unlike what you have seen before, with modules ranging from Science fiction and Mystery, to Astrophysics and Math.

Sonic is a Science Olympiad where teams of great intellect engage in classes to assert their dominance with the help of their intelligence and skills. It prioritizes the growth of the individuals’ critical-thinking abilities and their will to function under pressure; this results in the construction of their confidence. Our solar system is inter-dependent on itself. Similarly, we want to offer a platform where individuals can join forces with other brilliant minds to prove their worth, and make memories they will cherishingly look back at.

For this purpose, Sceptre College invites you to, hopefully, another successful edition of Sonic: Sceptre Sonic III


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